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Enagh Youth Forum are pro actively involved in a number of campaigning and lobbying projects locally. Through applying a needs, rights and social justice approach we have helped bring about positive results that have gone some way to improving the social, economic and environmental well-being in the Strathfoyle and wider Enagh area within the rural Faughan DEA.

Over the years EYF have been successful in both leading and participating in a number of campaigns including:

in both leading and participating in a number of campaigns including:
• A campaign to stop a large industrial 'Fish Processing Plant' been built in the local area.
• A campaign to stop a large 'Gasification/Incineration Plant' been built in the local area.
• A campaign to secure a Safety Fence to prevent local young access from nearby railway line.
• A campaign to stop cuts to the Local Library Service.
• A campaign to have the Road Surface on Temple Road improved.
• A campaign for new Litter and Dog Foul Bins to be installed in the local area.
• A campaign for Street Signage to be renewed in the local area.
• Working with all other local groups to develop a 'Community Plan' for the Strathfoyle and Maydown areas.

EYF are currently involved a number of campaigns including:

• Greenway Extension Project
• Multi Use Games Area (MUGA)
• Improved Community Use of Strathfoyle Youth Centre
• Re-Development of The Auld School Centre
• Changing Room Provision at Enagh Lough
• Steps To Recycling Awareness Project
• Implementation of the Health Impact Assessment Report Recommendations
• Community Safety Issues
• Clean Up of Mobuoy Dump
• Opposing Austerity & All Cuts To Essential Public Services
• Votes at 16


In November 2016, Enagh Youth Forum was please to launch our Strathfoyle Community Empowerment Project. The project is funded by The Big Lottery Fund through the 'People & Communities Funding Programme'.

Key themes of the Strathfoyle Community Empowerment Project are:

Our Aim

The aim of Enagh Youth Forum is to Reach, Engage & Collectively Empower and Value local young people within the Enagh Wards of the Faughan DEA of the Derry City and Strabane District Council Area; and also market and Extend our model of practice out there to ensure that other young people can benefit from the same.

Strengths Based

A core element of this project is focusing on equipping local people with the skills needed to help 'bring to life' the actions identified within the local Strathfoyle & Maydown Community Plan and the wider 'Faughan Community Plan' as well as holding a number of 'Have Your Say' events locally.


The project aims to involve and benefit all local community groups, promoting partnership working and the sharing of resources.


Enagh Youth Forum through The Strathfoyle Community Empowerment Project has been pro-actively involved in helping to shape both the Local Strathfoyle & Maydown Community Plan and the wider rural Faughan Community Plan. Local people have been able to put forward their ideas for helping to regenerate the local area and have ensured that key actions already identified by The Strathfoyle and Maydown Community Plan have been included in the Draft Faughan Community Plan.

Two key projects that Enagh Youth Forum is working to advance through working with all othe local groups in 2018 is the securing the Strathfoyle Greenway and a Multi Use Games Area for the local area. These two strategic projects will greatly improve the local area and go some way to help combat the worst affects of rural isolation and social exclusion locally.

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