-Want to learn more about the outdoors?

-Want to learn more about local wildlife?

-Want to learn how to recycle more?

-Want to help keep Strathfoyle safe, clean & tidy? 

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Enagh Youth Forum actively encourages all young people to learn about and care for the natural environment and the world around us. Each year young people successfully plan and carry out a number of community clean up projects aimed at promoting pride of place.

Graffiti Removal:
Local young people and members of Enagh Youth Forum carry out regular maintenance checks in and around the local community ensuring that any offensive graffiti is removed and that the area is kept clean and tidy. Young people are encouraged to plan and organise these clean up activities.
Litter Picks: 
Local young people are supported in planning 4 seasonal clean ups in and around Strathfoyle and Enagh Lough, ensuring that the area is kept free from litter and to raise awareness on the issue of litter and dog-fouling.
Tree Planting:
 Over these past number of years Enagh Youth Forum has planted hundreds of native trees in the local area and will continue to plant trees each year where possible during the month of February. Young people learn more about the importance of trees to all of us.
Steps To Recycling Awareness:
This project is all about encouraging local residents and young people to recycle as much as possible, to separate waste appropriately, to utilise the brown bin and to avail of the services provided by the local Strathfoyle Recycling Centre.
Promoting Zero Waste: 
Enagh Youth Forum encourages everyone to rethink ‘waste’, explore the benefits of recycling and think about the wider implications of the climate crisis facing the planet. Its about taking local actions to help tackle what is a global issue. If it cant be recycled, then we shouldn’t be making it.
Wildlife Surveys & Events:
We pro actively involve young people in the monitoring of local wildlife and biodiversity working in partnership with The Conservation Volunteers who manage the woodland at nearby Gransha Forest.

The Outdoor Classroom: 

At EYF we believe strongly in the benefits of outdoor learning. Concepts on the environment and biodiversity become real and relevant. Many of these concepts are a lot easier for children and young people to understand in the big world when they are set in context and the young people more engaged and motivated to understand and learn.

Leave No Trace Ethos:

Enagh Youth Forum subscribes to the ethics of ‘Leave No Trace’. We teach and inspire young people to enjoy the outdoors responsibly. We promote this message in all of our environmental campaigns and outdoor pursuits programme.

Friends of Enagh Lough:

Enagh Lough is an outstanding area of natural beauty. At Enagh Youth Forum we not only utilise the Lough for canoeing and kayaking but also carry out regular clean ups and community events aimed at protecting it for the future. Young people plan and organise events aimed at raising awareness on the importance of protecting Enagh Lough so it can be enjoyed by future generations.

Strathfoyle/Maydown/Culmore Health Impact Study:

Enagh Youth Forum continues to be represented at the Stakeholders Forum and work is ongoing to ensure that all of the recommendations contained within the report are implemented in full as well as educating local young people on the issue.

Mobuoy Dump Stakeholders Forum:

Enagh Youth Forum continues to be represented at the Stakeholders Forum and continues to lobby and campaign for the full clean up of Mobuoy Dump as well as educating local young people on the issue.

Litter Heroes Award:

In February 2017 Enagh Youth Forum was delighted to receive a Live Here Love Here ‘Litter Heroes Award’ in recognition of our work in promoting recycling & protecting the local environment.